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MRE Meals Are Useful For Emergencies But Also For Convenience

MRE eatersIf you have lived long enough to enter your working years, own a home, or start raising a family, then you have probably personally witnessed at least one small disaster in life. It might not have been a huge or even tremendously dangerous deal, as it could have just been a few days of no power from a storm or hurricane passing by, but you know that things can happen, and it’s only a matter of time before you might see something like that again.

You’re probably well aware with the recommendations emergency authorities make in regards to the supplies you should keep on hand in the event of a disaster or the interruption of utilities like power and water. You know that you should have a gallon of water per person per day, and that you should also have three days worth of food too.

MRE meals make that last part possible. These prepackaged foods typically have an entree with side items, and often a beverage and desert. Originally a military field ration that only required some heat and water, there are now civilian variants you can choose from as well.

Combined with nonperishable canned goods, it’s easy to stock up a box, shelf, or closet full of food that does not require refrigeration in the event of an unwanted scenario. At the very least, you have a stockpile of very easy to eat meals should you decide to go camping or spend time boating where meal prep can be a real pain.

When you decide to go buy mre meals, check both online and at local military surplus supply stores. You’ll find more selection online, but a local retailer won’t charge shipping and handling. Buy in bulk to get the best price per unit, and to fill your emergency needs all at once.